2024 edition

March 15-17, 2024

Venue: Roma Eventi fontana di Trevi – P.zza della Pilotta, 4

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The entrance ticket (excluding evening concerts) can be purchased directly at the venue with no availability limits

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Friday 15, Saturday 16 and Sunday 17, March 2024 Roma Expo Guitars now in its XI edition!

This event, created by the Chitarra In Association, is totally dedicated to the classical guitar world and its wonderful instruments.
Our mission is to further attract international attention on the Exhibition and promote Italian guitar-making in general. We are willing to make this event a permanent reference point, competitive and prestigious in the area of guitar-making and visible throughout the World.


  • The top classic guitar lutherie in the heart of Rome!

  • Why come to Rome Expo Guitars?

  • The best of Italian guitar makers and Companies
  • Best value for money
  • Comparative acoustic testing of the instruments
  • 10 soundproof rehearsal rooms
  • Important guests
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Awards



👉 EXIBITORS 2024 👈




  • Marcin Dylla in concert

Friday 15 March at 8pm

event not included in the entrance card – buy the ticket here: https://eventi.chitarrain.com/


  • “New Music for REG”

Saturday 16 March at 2.30 pm

(event included in the entrance card – subject to availability)

Presentation of the “NEW MUSIC FOR REG” Project and the third series of 12 “STUDI SONORI DA CONCERTO”.

World premiere performance of the third series of 4 studies by the guitarists-composers

Claudio Ambrosini (the composition will be performed by Alberto Mesirca), Oscar Bellomo (the composition will be performed by Lorenzo Micheli Pucci), Claudio Maccari, Maurizio Pisati (the composition will be performed by Marco De Biasi).


  • Xuefei Yang in concert

Saturday 16 March at 7.30pm

event not included in the entrance card – buy the ticket here: https://eventi.chitarrain.com/


  • “30 Limited Edition” Guitar Test

by Bozhana Pavlova


(event included in the entrance card – subject to availability)




30 guitar “Limited Edition”

Also for the 2024 edition of the Roma Expo Guitars we propose an exciting project: the creation of 30 “Limited Edition 2024 guitars” by the the 30 exhibiting guitar makers.

More specifically, the project envisages that each individual guitar maker will make a guitar that is a totally UNIQUE, ONE-OFF INSTRUMENT in terms of its constructional and aesthetic, characteristics and, furthermore, it will bear the “REG 2024 Limited Edition” logo alongside the label.

Moreover, each guitar will have its own certificate of authenticity signed by the actual guitar maker.

The other, really significant feature will be that, precisely because of their uniqueness, these “Limited Edition” guitars, will ALL be ready to be handed over to those who are present for the day of the REG.
It is, without doubt, a unique, and not to be missed opportunity!


New music for REG 2024

12 Concert Studies

Third Series of 4 Studies

Guitarists-composers: Claudio Ambrosini, Oscar Bellomo, Claudio Maccari, Maurizio Pisati.

Virtuosity often arises from conflict, from the tension between a musical idea and the instrument, between the material and the musical matter.”

Luciano Berio

This tension between the musician and his instrument, as described by Berio, has always been a means of creativity, generating new compositional ideas.

In the specific case of a performer-composer, the relationship between his instrument and his musical output is intimate and visceral.

The sounds and characteristics of the instruments played by illustrious guitarists-composers have often been a source of inspiration for exploring and inventing new soundscapes.

Likewise, the expressive needs of musicians have prompted guitar makers to create and perfect instruments that are capable of creating musical ideas which were previously impossible to achieve.

Therefore, with this series of studies dedicated to REG, we want to encourage contemporary guitarists-composers to interact with specific instruments to create sound studies that explore the tension between their compositional imagination and the sound and evocative potential of Italian-made guitars.

Since its inception, Rome Expo Guitars has been a meeting point between different excellencies.

Now we wish to gather them together with the aim of encouraging encounters between composers, performers, and guitar makers.

The future road of our beloved instrument will be traced through this threefold relationship.

The first series of these studies was the result of a meeting between four Italian guitarists-composers. They had all distinguished themselves both in terms of composition and as performers; their works are already part of the repertoire of acclaimed international concert performers.

This project was conceived from their desire to create a research group formed between guitarists-composers and guitar makers. In the years to come, this project will involve eight other composers in order to create a unified work formed of 12 concert studies.


International Dealers 2024

Twelve international Dealers at Roma Expo Guitars!

For the entire duration of the event seven international dealers will take part in the Expo.

From the opening hour until 3 pm of Friday (opening hours to visitorsthey will have the opportunity to meet the luthiers and try their instruments in quite dedicated spaces.

In the same morning, the Dealers (together with the Professors and students of the “International Musical Accademy Project“) will be able to appreciate the instruments also through a private Guitar Test without any use of amplification.

A unique opportunity for exhibitors aiming to present Italian luthery to the international market.

In alphabetical order:


International Musical Academy Project 2024

For the fourth year, Roma Expo Guitars has twinned with important European Musical Institutions!

We welcome professors and students to our event in Rome where they will test the very best productions of Italian instrument craftsmen.

We selected ten teachers from seven different conservatories who shared great enthusiasm and involved their students in the project, more than 70 students.

In alphabetical order:

  • Joaquin Clerch

Robert Schumann University Dusseldorf (Germania)

  • Jan Depreter

Academy of Deurne (Belgio).

  • Adriano Del Sal

Universitat Fur Musik und Darstellende Kunst – Vienna (Austria)

  • Andrea De Vitis

    Mozarteum University di Salzburg (Austria)

  • Ricardo Gallen

    University of Music “Franz Liszt” in Weimar (Germany)

  • Georg Gulyas

    Karlstad University & Royal College of Music (Sweden)

  • Florian Palier

University of Klagenfurt (Austria)

  • Paolo Pegoraro

    Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz (Austria)

  • Sofie Troffaes

    d’Academie Podium – Sint-Niklaas (Belgium)

  • Laura Young

    Mozarteum University di Salzburg (Austria)



Friday from 15:00 19:30 / Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 – 19:30 (non stop)


Admission: 20€ (mandatory membership fee), valid for the three days of Exhibition (purchased on site) with the gift of the prestigious Expo catalog.

Boys under 18 membership card €15

Boys under fourteen years of age membership card €10

Children under eleven years old: free entry