New Music for Reg

12 Concert Studies 

First Series REG 2020: 4 Studies 

Guitarists-composers: Edoardo Dadone (the composition will be performed by Giovanni Martinelli), Marco De Biasi, Marco Ramelli, Giacomo Susani


“Virtuosity often arises from conflict, from the tension between a musical idea and the instrument, between the material and the musical matter.” 

Luciano Berio

This tension between the musician and his instrument, as described by Berio, has always been a means of creativity, generating new compositional ideas. 

In the specific case of a performer-composer, the relationship between his instrument and his musical output is intimate and visceral.

The sounds and characteristics of the instruments played by illustrious guitarists-composers have often been a source of inspiration for exploring and inventing new soundscapes. 

Likewise, the expressive needs of musicians have prompted guitar makers to create and perfect instruments that are capable of creating musical ideas which were previously impossible to achieve.

Therefore, with this series of studies dedicated to REG, we want to encourage contemporary guitarists-composers to interact with specific instruments to create sound studies that explore the tension between their compositional imagination and the sound and evocative potential of Italian-made guitars. 

Since its inception, Rome Expo Guitars has been a meeting point between different excellencies. 

Now we wish to gather them together with the aim of encouraging encounters between composers, performers, and guitar makers.  

The future road of our beloved instrument will be traced through this threefold relationship. 


The first series of these studies was the result of a meeting between four Italian guitarists-composers. They had all distinguished themselves both in terms of composition and as performers; their works are already part of the repertoire of acclaimed international concert performers.  

This project was conceived from their desire to create a research group formed between guitarists-composers and guitar makers. In the years to come, this project will involve eight other composers in order to create a unified work formed of 12 concert studies.