International Dealers 2018

Seven international dealers at Roma Expo Guitars!

For the entire duration of the event seven international dealers will take part in the Expo.

From the opening hour until 3 pm of Friday (opening hours to visitorsthey will have the opportunity to meet the luthiers and try their instruments in quite dedicated spaces.

There will also be an open debate between dealers and luthiers about market trends and possibilities.

A unique opportunity for exhibitors aiming to present Italian luthery to the international market.

In alphabetical order:

“I’m back in Los Angeles now, catching up with work, but I wanted to thank you both again for inviting me to another great event. You have been very creative in putting together a unique event like this to represent guitar makers from your country, it’s really been a pleasure to meet so many interesting, talented and artistic people all in one place. So thank you again for your hospitality, I’m very happy I was able to come.”

“It was my pleasure! Thank you kindly for the invitation. It’s such an honor to meet everyone and to be part of such a special event celebrating Italian luthiers and players. I will have to make a point of coming back again next year to meet everyone again. Again, my deepest thanks for the invitation, helping to reinforce my belief that Italian luthiers are among the best on the planet. My best wishes and warm hugs from New York, extend my gratitude to Massimo as well and to everyone that put the event together. Richard”

“My pleasure. I am already in contact with many of the fine luthiers, after writing to them all last week. Things are in motion for quite a few of them to join my gallery in the coming weeks and months. Your event helped me greatly in many ways, and I am eternally grateful to all of you. Please extend my thanks to Claudio and the many fine gentlemen that I met during those special 4 days. Richard”

“Dear Gabriele and Massimo,
Thank you again for everything. We had an amazing time. The exposed guitars were very good, and we’ve contacted some luthiers to have their guitar in France.
We wish to meet you again soon. Don’t hesitate to visit us in Lyon.
Congratulations !
Best regards,
Alice & Maurice”